Rome and Milan: Marve Adv agency new opening

28 May 2019
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28 May 2019 AdminMarve

Marve Adv staff is happy to announce the opening of the Rome and Milan offices.

The advertising agency will now have more capillarity than ever in Italy, relying on its own internal resources to better understand the needs of customers and consumers.

Living the streets in order to choose the right positioning of the billboards is a plus that Marve Adv proudly brings throughout Italy, now with even more strength.

So now, in addition to the registered and operational headquarters:

Via Agnano Astroni n.334 / 80125 Naples / Italy

the Rome and Milan offices are already operational:

Viale Giorgio Ribotta n.11 / 1st floor  ⁄ 00144 Roma / Italy

Via Libero Temolo n.4 / 4th floor / 20126 Milan / Italy

If you want to get advice for your marketing plan both online and in traditional advertising, contact us via email or at +39 08118466585

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